Special Educational Needs

Many pupils at All Faiths require additional support to access school life. We have a dedicated team, committed to transforming life chances for all of our pupils.

Our additional provisions as a school include a specialist provision for Deaf pupils.

Our SENCO is Mrs Barbara Langiano, who can be contacted via the school’s main office email address: office@allfaithschildrensacademy.org.uk

The arrangements made by the governing body relating to the treatment of complaints from parents of pupils with special educational needs concerning the provision made at the school

The normal arrangements for the treatment of complaints at All Faiths are used for complaints about provision made for special educational needs. We encourage parents to discuss their concerns with the class teacher, SENCo or Head teacher to resolve the issue before making a formal complaint. This can be done by emailing the SENCo, Barbara Langiano: office@allfaithschildrensacademy.org.uk, or by making an appointment via the school office on 03333602100. If the issue is not resolved, please make an appointment to discuss with the head teacher via the school office:  office@allfaithschildrensacademy.org.uk or by calling 03333602100. If dissatisfied, the person concerned may then submit a formal complaint to the Head Teacher of the school as outlined in our complaints policy.

The Chair of the governing body can be contacted via the school office.

There are some circumstances, usually for children who have an Educational, Health and Care Plan, where there is a statutory right for parents to appeal against a decision of the Local Authority. Complaints that fall within this category cannot be investigated by the school.