Curriculum Intent

Making Learning Irresistable

At All Faiths Children’s Academy, we aim to bring learning to life by providing high quality teaching and inspirational learning activities which link to all areas of the curriculum. ‘Cornerstones’ is the vehicle that supports this approach, which is used to develop links between all areas of the children’s learning.

Curriculum Implementation:

All Faiths Children’s Academy develops our learning through six identified curriculum areas:

  • Thinking about our Thinking,
  • Thinking Artistically,
  • Thinking Academically,
  • Thinking Globally,
  • Thinking Healthily,
  • Thinking Inclusively.


  • expect all our children to make as much progress as possible;
  • provide an environment where children can feel secure, be imaginative, are able to take risks and make mistakes, without damaging their self-esteem;
  • encourage responsibility – enabling every child to become independent and ambitious;
  • promote curiosity – fostering lively and enquiring minds to develop the ability to question and reason.


We follow the Little Wandle Scheme. Please visit: 

Reading Scheme:

Children at All Faiths have the opportunity to read a range of books. Our aim is that all pupils develop a love of reading and that they read for pleasure. To support our KS1 pupils, we follow the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme and the Pearson Bug Club Scheme.

We have also recently purchased the Collins Big Cat reading scheme to support the children when reading at home. This set of books is used across the whole school.