We will treat you and your child with respect – we expect the same in return.

The adults in school are friendly, firm and fair.  By providing a happy welcoming environment, we create the best atmosphere for learning in which everyone – children, parents/carers and school staff are polite and considerate.  We place a high value on each individual.  We all have rights and responsibilities.

Rights and Responsibilities

At All Faiths’ everyone has the right to:

  • feel safe;
  • learn , play and work in an atmosphere that helps us to do our best;
  • be treated with respect;
  • be valued equally.

At All Faiths’ everyone has a responsibility to:

  • behave in a way that makes others feel safe;
  • behave in a way which helps everyone to learn, work and play really well;
  • respect everyone else;
  • make a positive contribution to our school community and make others feel valued.

The children devise class “Codes of Conduct” which illustrate their rights and responsibilities.

We celebrate behaviours which help everyone to be relaxed and happy.  At times your child may have difficulties, no-one can be “good” all the time.  Help us to help them, we will expect you to work with us to meet need and improve behaviour when necessary.

Exclusion Arrangements:

At All Faiths, we follow Medway LA’s Exclusion guidance which includes consultation with outside agencies and Medway’s Inclusion Officer. An exclusion can only be sanctioned by the Headteacher, or Deputy Headteacher, in his/her absence.

Exclusions at All Faiths Children’s Academy are rare.  We have a strong ethos around supporting vulnerable children.  If exclusions are necessary, our behaviour policy gives detailed information.  However, the following is a quick guide:

  • Any pupil who is excluded will be given both learning to complete and support while they are excluded from school.
  • Parents and carers are informed verbally and in writing the reason for the exclusion and are invited to a reintegration meeting to discuss their return to school.
  • Where appropriate, outside agencies will be consulted.
  • If a challenge is made to an exclusion, the Academy’s Policy is adhered to and the Governors would be notified of the challenge.