Our Year 6 Stargazing Event

August 9, 2022 02:33pm

Year 6 children at All Faiths Children’s Academy were left starry-eyed after the school held an exciting Stargazing Event

Designed to encourage and motivate our children in the lead up to their Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) this summer, the fun-filled evening included lots of tasty treats and even an orienteering trail around the school site.

While the sun was still out, the children decorated the school playground with motivational messages and wonderful drawings. Some children even transformed the playground’s racetrack into a SATs track, with messages of encouragement leading up to the finish line.

As the sky began to darken, the children prepared for their night-time orienteering adventure. Equipped with flashlights, they scoured the school grounds for the clues. Each clue required pupils to solve a SATs-inspired Maths puzzle in order to move on to the next; the children loved hunting for clues and showing off their Maths skills. One of the clues even led them to a hot-dog stand, where Headteacher Mrs Browning served them hot dogs and orange juice!

To end their wonderful evening, the children enjoyed donuts and hot chocolate whilst gazing at the stars. A fire pit was also set up for the children to use for toasting marshmallows before they went home.

“We are so proud of our Year 6 children who have been working hard towards their SATs, so we held our Stargazing Event to reward them for their determination and encourage them to keep going. The event was a great success:  every Year 6 child attended, and it was brilliant to see the children working together as a team with the right growth mindset, clear pattern of thinking skills and determination to push themselves as far as possible outside their comfort zone.  When they did this, they were easily able to  find the orienteering clues and identify the constellations,” said Mrs Browning, our Headteacher.