All Faiths Children’s Academy is Awarded its Advanced Thinking School Reaccreditation

August 9, 2022 02:37pm

We are extremely proud to announce that All Faiths Children’s Academy has been re-accredited as an Advanced Thinking School by the University of Exeter!

As part of the Thinking Schools Academy Trust, we take pride in the unique approach we take to education: we provide our children with the skills and tools they need, to think in a variety of ways and become lifelong learners. The transferrable Thinking Tools that we teach our pupils are designed to prepare them for the range of scenarios, dilemmas and circumstances that they may face in later life as part of modern society.

The University of Exeter’s School of Education – which leads the way in research on Metacognition, Thinking Skills and Creativity – provides a framework for schools to become recognised Thinking Schools. We were awarded the status of a ‘De Bono Thinking school’ in 2012 and presented with a University of Exeter Cognitive Education Centre Development Unit award in 2014, gaining re-accreditation for this in 2018. The University has recently assessed evidence of our school’s teaching and learning practices, the quality of our curriculum and the impact it has on our pupils, and, as a result, rewarded us our reaccreditation.

At All Faiths, we embed Thinking Tools, metacognition and personal development into everything we do: our curriculum, approach to learning and school culture are all built on developing our children into lifelong learners and the best possible versions of themselves. The University of Exeter recognised these efforts in their report, stating that we demonstrate a “focus on pupil voice, independence and empowerment” and that our school “has extensive practices to develop children’s social and emotional attitudes and skills.”

“At All Faiths Children’s Academy, our staff work tirelessly to transform the life chances of our children, support their personal growth and develop their thinking; we are so proud that the University of Exeter has recognised this commitment and awarded our Advanced Thinking School reaccreditation,” said Mrs Browning, our Headteacher.

Mrs Murphy, Director of Education for our Hub said, “Congratulations to all staff and pupils at All Faiths Children’s Academy for this exceptional achievement. As a founding member of the Thinking Schools Academy Trust, I am proud of the school for its dedication to supporting our Trust’s unique cognitive approach to education and disseminating its practice within our Strood Hub and beyond.”