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All Faiths’ is a proactive environment, where we focus on solutions rather than problems.  We will do all we can to meet the individual needs of our pupils be they short or long term.  We have 18 LA funded places for deaf children and our buildings and grounds are accessible by wheelchair.

We believe:-

  • all children have the right to succeed;
  • all children have the right to work with adults who expect them to do well;
  • in early intervention to minimise barriers to learning and participation.

We regard differences as a rich resource that benefit the education of all pupils.  Our ethos and curriculum promote the inclusion of every child and we support their individual needs in a variety of ways.  Working with you and specialists in the field, we will devise programmes which may include a small group teaching, individual support, counselling, physiotherapy, speech therapy, social skill straining and/or individual coaching.

We regularly hold In-School Reviews to which other professionals are invited.  These meetings provide the opportunity for expertise in a wide range of disciplines to be used to benefit you child.  You can help your child by making time to listen to them, to chat to them, to introduce them to new ideas and words, to share books and writing with them.

We follow the SEN Code of Practice.  For further details please see our;-

  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Accessibility Plan
  • Special Educational Needs Policy
  • Behaviour Management Policy

Our deaf pupils have the opportunity to naturally and spontaneously communicate with the hearing world, whilst being sensitively encouraged to develop their sign language and lip reading skills.

Details of our Special Educational Needs and Disability Information Report (SIR) can be found here.