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Attendance and Punctuality

Please help your child to get the most out of school by ensuring good attendance and punctuality.

If your child is unwell please notify the School Office by 8.30am first day of absence.  Please try to make medical and dental appointments out of school time or in the holidays.  If you can’t, please let us know in good time, sending an appointment card for the School Office to copy and to issue you with a Pupil Pass.  Your child must be collected by an authorised adult.

The school can authorise absence due to illness.  Other absences may only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.  We work closely with Medway’s Attendance Advisory Service (AAP) and will refer your child to them if we are concerned about their attendance.  The Attendance Advisory Service is there to help If you have problems.

You do not have an automatic right to take your child on holiday during school time.  The Law does not permit a child’s absence to be authorised for a holiday during school time, expect in the most exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the Headteacher.

If you take a holiday during school time, you may receive a Fixed Penalty Notice of £60 if you pay within 21 days or £120 if you pay within 28 days.

The school doors will open at 8:25am. We expect all pupils to be in class by 8:40am.  The school doors will open again at 8:55am. We expect all pupils to be in class by 9:05am.

Registration is open from 8:40am- 9:10am. Pupils arriving before the end of the Registration period will be coded L (Late before registers close) which is a present mark. The number of minutes late will be recorded in the register.  Pupils arriving after the registers have closed will be coded U (Late after registers close) which counts as an unauthorised absence for the whole morning session.

Lateness is upsetting for your child and disruptive for other pupils.  Whilst unavoidable on the odd occasion, we will inform the AAP of frequent lateness.  We are here to help – if you have a problem, please ask!

Please see link to our full attendance Policy Attendance Policy TSAT 2020  and  TSAT Attendance Policy Addendum March 2021

Fire regulations require late children to be brought to the School Office to be signed in.