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We believe…

…children develop better relationships in a small group– meaning  more success!

Children within the Nurture Group take part in social skills activities, prepare food and snacks together and learn to take turns.

Children are stimulated but not overwhelmed by the setting.

By focusing on the emotional, social and behavioural needs of the children, academic progress can be made too.

Decisions for children to attend are made for positive reasons…

Children in need of the Nurture Group may have had stress or trauma in their lives or need support to make friends, be part of a large group or cope with daily routines.

Referral to the Nurture Group is made in order to help children overcome these difficulties and each child’s’ strengths are always celebrated.

Friends and Parents/Carers

Children’s relationships with others are key to their success.

Parents/carers are regularly invited to join Nurture Group sessions to take part in activities, have fun and build relationships.

Parents/Carers Feedback

“Since E has been in the Nurture Group, he has become more settled and enjoys learning” 

“B is benefitting well, we have noticed a positive change.”

“I feel the Nurture Group helped my child gain a better understanding of her emotions and how to deal with them effectively.”

Home School and Host School

  • All children remain on roll at their ‘home’ school, the school which they normally attend.
  • Children attending the Nurture Group return to their home school on one day a week to spend the day with their peers.
  • Communication between all staff and parents/carers is very important and everyone involved is updated frequently.


All schools within the Strood and Hoo Partnership can refer an EY/KS1 pupil. Please contact us for an information and application pack.

Tel: 03333 602100