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Yr 6 Writing Homework

Your child has been given homework packs to complete for their home learning. As part of their writing, your child was given ten past SATs writing tasks to complete. Mrs Browning would recommend completing one or two writing tasks a week. Make sure you plan your writing before you start (you can choose your format – you may choose a thinking map), write your first draft, edit and proof read and then write your published version as you would in school.

If you want some alternative tasks, see below for some ideas linked with your topic:

Your child has been reading ‘Good Night Mister Tom’ by Michelle Magorian  in school. Please complete the following writing tasks at home:

Monday: Write a list of countries involved in World War II.

Tuesday: Choose two World War II artefacts and write five facts about each.

Wednesday: Interview someone on the phone or find an article about someone you know who was alive in WWII. Write about their experience of the war and write one side of A4 lined paper about what they said.

Thursday:  Make a phrase book containing at least 25 words from World War II and explain what they mean.

Friday: Imagine you are an evacuee. Write 3 diary entries. – They can be in different months and even different years.

Please also complete the following Spelling and Grammar tasks at home:

Monday: week 2 day 1

Tuesday: week 2 day 2

Wednesday: week 2 day 3

Thursday: week 2 day 4

Friday: week 2 day 5

How is it going with the writing tasks?  Now is the opportunity for you to take one of those titles you were given, or another subject you’ve been excited to write about and write your first book!  Are you writing a diary about your experiences?  Are you perhaps compiling a journal, with illustrations, for your time at home?

Please make sure that you complete a ten minute test from your grammar booklet each day, purple and make corrections – this will improve your writing.
How many obscure and interesting facts can you find this week about WW1 or WW2?