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Yr 5 Writing Homework

Please listen to the following audio book ‘Interview With The Robot’ by Lee Bacon in preparation for this week’s writing tasks:

Please use this book or a book of your choice to complete the following tasks:


Powerful Verbs!

  • Copy a passage from your reading book BUT leave gaps where the verbs are.
  • Fill in the gaps with the best verbs you can think of to describe the actions or feelings of the characters.
  • Discuss your choices and whether they are better or not and why.


How Did You Do That?

When you are reading, look out for verbs and adverbs. Adverbs tell the reader how something was done, the speed at which it was done, the way something was said, the mood of the character or the way the light shone. Collect verb and adverb partners and write them. Remember to use them in your own writing.


Characters and Settings

As you read your books, think about the ways the author describes the characters and the settings. Note down the words and phrases used to describe what a character looks like, how they behave, react and their moods. How does the author describe the settings, the weather, the atmosphere? Don’t forget to use these ideas in your own writing.

Settings Characterisation
‘beautiful house beside the sea’

* From James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

                ‘all at once he found himself alone and frightened in a vast unfriendly world’


Dear Diary

Imagine that you are the main character in your book. Choose one day in the story and write a diary entry for that day. Write in the first person and remember to say:

–              what has happened during the day;

–              who was involved;

–              how you feel;

–              what you will do about it all tomorrow


Please complete the following Spelling and Grammar tasks at home:

Monday: Y5 day 1

Tuesday: Y5 day 2

Wednesday:  Y5 day 3

Thursday: Y5 day 4

Friday: Y5 day 5