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Acorns and Conkers Writing Homework

Acorns and Conkers have been reading lots of Fairy Tales this year. They have all been given a copy of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ to take home. A BSL version of the story can be found here (scroll down to find the video) and there is a Word mat to help you.

Week 2

Please complete each of the following writing tasks:

Monday: Create a bubble map, using adjectives, to describe the Wolf.

Tuesday: Write some sentences about the Wolf, using your bubble map from yesterday.

Wednesday: Write a list of all the different things the wolf could do. Can you act out the verbs (doing words) for someone else to guess? Write sentences about the wolf using your verbs (Verb sentences)

Thursday: Plan a Diamante Poem (Diamante poems) using the planning sheet (Poem planning sheet). How many words can you think of? Who in your family can create the longest list?

Friday: Create a Diamante Poem using your plan and this template (Poem Template). Here is a completed planning sheet if you want some more inspiration (Poem word bank) Can you say/act/sign your poem?