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BSL Is Thriving At All Faiths Children’s Academy

All Faiths Children’s Academy provide a “Total Communication Provision”, where excellent support and facilities are in place for children who use spoken aural English, rely on Sign-Supported English  or British Sign Language (BSL) as their first language.

The school is dedicated to every pupil receiving equal opportunities to achieve and transform their life chances.

Confidence grows within each pupil and it is recognised every day.  In particular, Charlie, a profoundly deaf Year 6 student, was praised for his outstanding poetry by one of the UK’s foremost deaf poets, Richard Carter.

The school’s “Total Communication Provision” has been recognised by KMTV, who has recorded a follow up feature for their new TV station which officially launched 10th July on Freeview and Virgin.

During the recording KMTV were presented with  the pupils performing a song by singing and signing during their collective worship.  Followed by the pupils talking and signing about their aspirations which was very heart-warming to hear.

You can watch the video on KMTV at